Acquire 25 Pathfinder Books at Humble for Just $25



Huge fans of tabletop role-playing games can now delve into Pathfinder, one of the top alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons, by grabbing a bundle of second-edition core rulebooks and supplementary materials. These are available at the starting price of $5 on Humble. The second-edition Pathfinder ruleset provides a sophisticated tabletop experience worthy of consideration.

The money you spend on a Humble Bundle not only supports the recently unionized publisher, Paizo, but also contributes to the charity, ComicBooks for Kids! This foundation provides comics to children in hospitals and cancer centers located in the U.S. and Canada.

With a minimum donation of $5, you receive PDFs for a variety of Pathfinder products needed to create characters and get started. For a donation of at least $15, you acquire all the preceding tier documents and additional PDFs for an enhanced campaign. It’s noteworthy, however, that the tiered bundles contain no physical products, so you might need to locate external printing services in the event that you plan to use physical items such as Flip Mats or character tokens for your game.


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