13-Year-Old Triumphs in NES Tetris Game



For the first time in 34 years, a 13-year-old player, Blue Scuti, has managed to reach the kill screen of the NES version of the classic video game Tetris. Despite the NES version of the game having no official ending, players can theoretically arrive at its kill screen, a point at which the game becomes unplayable usually due to a design oversight or coding error. Until now, no one had managed to naturally reach this point.

Previously, it was believed that Tetris concluded at level 29 due to the intense pace at which the blocks, or tetrominoes, drop. However, Scuti proved it’s possible to progress beyond this point, facing even greater challenges such as poor color combinations that make the blocks difficult to distinguish. After a fierce competition with fellow player Fractal, Scuti achieved the impossible by reaching level 157 and encountering the infamous kill screen.

Scuti’s incredible achievement, reaching a milestone many gamers twice their age have failed to achieve, is a testament to their dedication and skill. Barely a teenager, Scuti has achieved what would once have been deemed a feat worthy of immortalizing in a snapshot for Nintendo Power.


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