New Co-op Mode, Cosmic Exploration, Brings Starfield Action to Even Final Fantasy 14



Final Fantasy 14 is preparing to launch a new feature, Cosmic Exploration, that aims to further immerse players in an intergalactic journey. The upcoming mode promises a cooperative experience, taking players on a journey across multiple planets, working on various projects. This addition to the game follows in the footsteps of the popular Animal Crossing-inspired Island Sanctuary and the community-focused Ishgardian Restoration effort that rebuilt the Firmament district.

Cosmic Exploration is primarily a collaborative affair, with players encouraged to work together, similar to the mass cooperative aspect of Ishgardian Restoration. While individual gameplay is possible, the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, emphasizes that progress will primarily be collective. The feature, described as “expansive” and apart from the game’s main scenario, will involve players working on a changing star. This will transport players to a range of planets across the universe, developing a sense of progress and enhancing the game’s visual variety.

More information about the Cosmic Exploration and other future features will be announced during forthcoming Letter from the Producer Live events. These discussions will coincide with the anticipation for Final Fantasy 14’s new expansion, Dawntrail, releasing this summer, offering new jobs, quests, and more exciting content to the already rich gameplay universe.


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