“Steam To Allow Most AI-Generated Games, Given They Are Properly Disclosed”



Indie platform holder Valve has declared a fresh policy for Steam games that adopt AI technology, now requiring developers to divulge how they are utilizing AI tools, including the measures they are taking against live-generated content that might violate the law or infringe copyrights. The company is also launching a new reporting system for infringements. Utilizing the latest generative tools, Valve aims to “encourage innovation”, yet ensuring developers hold the rights for content created by tools “trained” on other images, text, and music is challenging. Also, it’s notable that the updated review process reflects current copyright law and policies, and it will evolve with changes to these laws and policies.

Valve’s new policies categorize AI applications into two sections: Pre-Generated and Live-Generated. Pre-Generated includes any content created with AI support during production, while Live-Generated includes any content created with AI support while the game is running. The focus is on the developers to ensure that their game doesn’t include illegal content. For the Live-Generated content, developers have to specify the precautions they’ve incorporated to prevent AI from creating outlawed content.

Finalizing on the set of policies they’re comfortable with, Valve has incorporated an “AI disclosure section” in the content survey taken by developers when they submit their games for publication. The updated procedure will also let users report potentially illegal content using the in-game Steam overlay. This initiative is a result of Valve widening their understanding of the landscape and risks, and having discussions with game developers who are using AI and those building AI tools. The use of AI technology in gaming is still a largely uncharted territory and these updates reflect Valve’s attempt to encourage innovation whilst minimizing potential risks.


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