Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection and Bullet Hell Collection set to release on Switch this year



Shmup fans have much to look forward to this year as Red Art Games initiates its first Shmup Week event with two prominent announcements. The Bullet Hell Collection: Volume 1 and Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection are both set to launch on Switch in Q3 2024. The Bullet Hell Collection: Volume 1 comprise three games: Void Gore, Project Starship, and Z-WARP, while Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection encompasses all the Jets’n’Guns games developed by Rake in Grass.

Red Art Games will offer a standard physical release and a Deluxe Edition of the Bullet Hell Collection: Volume 1. The deluxe edition will feature the games alongside a choice of three keychains, a poster, and reversible cover art. Furthermore, the Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection will also be available with a keychain, reversible cover, and a CD with Machinae Supremacy’s original soundtrack. Both deluxe editions will retail at €39.99.

Shmup Week reportedly has more surprises to offer, with Red Art Games hinting at an announcement “coming straight from Japan” for Thursday, January 11 at 5:00 p.m. CET. They’ve also confirmed the launch date for the previously delayed Shinorubi, set for a digital release on January 12, with a physical Switch release to follow at a later date, all from Red Art Games.


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