Nintendo’s Latest NES Collection Focuses on Speedrunning



Nintendo has announced Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, a new collection of NES games for the Switch, designed to cater to the speedrunning trend. The set comprises 13 of their classic games such as Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros., however, players are challenged with completing “bite-sized bits of classic blockbusters” as quickly as possible, across more than 150 time-based challenges. The collection will also offer both single-player and local multiplayer modes for up to eight players, and will also have a ‘World Championships Mode’ where Switch Online subscribers can submit their best times and compete on a global leaderboard.

The idea behind the World Championships collection resembles that of the NES Remix, repackaging familiar games with fresh challenges to give them a different feel. The collection not only taps into speedrunning but also heavily draws on nostalgia, showcased by the inclusion of a gold NES cartridge (though non-functional) in the physical edition.

Nintendo’s World Championships: NES Edition releases on the Switch on July 18th, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to accommodating speedrunning in its offerings and harking back to its irregularly occurring esports tournament.


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