“Where to Access All the New Content in FFXIV Patch 6.55”



Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.55 introduces several new quests completing the Endwalker arcs which offer distinct rewards. Among the content added, there’s a primary scenario quest with directions accessible through the in-game guide, and a self-explanatory Island Sanctuary quest situated in the Island Sanctuary itself. This article will guide players to locate the brand new Hildebrand, Tataru, and tribe content that the update includes.

The Hildebrand quest called “Of Duplicity and Duplication” in the patch, available from an NPC in Radz-at-Han requires being up-to-date on Hilderbrand quests to proceed, particularly for Manderville relic weapon holders. Completing this quest line provides an upgrade for a Manderville relic weapon, a UFO mount, and unlocks the “The Gilded Araya” trial and the “A Gentleman to Walk with Me” orchestrion roll. In another quest, titled “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor”, you have to first clear the main scenario quests up to “Growing Light” as well as earlier quests from the same quest line before attempting “Treasured Bonds.” Completing this quest rewards the Wayfarer’s Barding for your Chocobo and Tataru’s Bespoke Framer’s Kit.

Finally, the tribal alliance quest ensues only after achieving “bloodsworn” rank with all three Endwalker tribes (Arkasodara, Omicron, and Loporrits), which allows you to start the “Dinner and a Show” quest and eventually receive the “Lop Hop” emote on finishing it.


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