Square Enix Plans to Reduce Its Range of Games



Square Enix, the company behind successful titles such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, plans to condense its future games lineup as it finds itself heavily dependent on these two franchises. President Takashi Kiryu announced these changes in a financial briefing, voicing concerns about the company’s overemphasis on these IPs at the cost of other potentially appealing genres and gaming styles. Despite the success of initiatives such as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, some projects like Forspoken have failed to meet consumer expectations.

Kiryu further emphasized that the company is looking to shift its focus from quantity to quality by producing fewer but more meticulously curated games. Although specific games weren’t disclosed, Square Enix aims to respond to the growing polarization in the market between blockbuster and indie titles.

In a nutshell, Square Enix is embarking on a strategic change to issue clearer distinctions in its future releases, ensuring a balance between major and indie titles while pivoting away from an excessive reliance on its flagship franchises.


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