Square Enix Launches Final Preview for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with Demo Now Accessible



In a recent State of Play presentation, Square Enix detailed the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to RPG Site’s 2020 RPG of the Year, due to drop on February 29. The showcase revealed numerous details about the game – its systems, storyline elements, and the availability of a game demo. This forthcoming demo hones in on the Nibeheim flashback from the game’s opening, an update to the initial Tokyo Game Show (TGS) excerpt scheduled for February 21.

Square Enix has also shared a Final Story Trailer, as well as a more general 10-minute gameplay trailer, filled with fewer spoilers and offering players a sneak peek before the game’s imminent release. These updates keep up the anticipation ahead of the eagerly awaited launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Ahead of the game’s official release, a first look at the franchise reassured fans of its quality by affirming the promising elements observed so far. In the lead up to the launch, Square Enix has efficiently capitalized on maximizing player excitement through these trailers and pre-launch gameplay demos.


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