Square Enix is Broadcasting the Soundtrack of FFVII Remake



Square Enix Music has launched a stream of the FFVII Remake soundtrack on its YouTube channel, which will continue until 11am JST on February 17, 2024. The stream offers the original FFVII Remake soundtrack, the Plus version, and Intergrade’s soundtrack. The live stream’s visual appeal is akin to lo-fi streams such as Lofi Girl’s, featuring an animation of two people and a cat at 7th Heaven with intermittent animation of the cat’s tail and the neon sign flicker.

Currently playing is “Let the Battles Begin! Break Through” from FFVII Remake. The track order follows the original arrangement on the CD, providing flowing transitions between songs. The setup’s aesthetic and details, such as the tail flick of the cat and the flickering neon sign, enhance the viewer experience and add a special ambiance to the audio stream.

Additionally, Square Enix is marketing the soundtrack for FFVII Rebirth, which will be available for sale from April 10, 2024. The soundtrack will consist of seven CDs, with the first-print limited edition priced at 8000 JPY ($53.25) and the standard edition at 7000 JPY ($46.60). Furthermore, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is PS5-exclusive, will be released on February 29, 2024, with console exclusivity expiring on May 29, 2024.


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