Unicorn Overlord Reveals More Characters and Provides Insights into its Gambit-like Tactical Combat System



As the latest Vanillaware game, Unicorn Overlord, draws closer to its release, we delve deeper into the battle system and fascinating characters in this fantasy-themed strategy RPG. Prince Alain, the protagonist, recruits allies on his quest to liberate their world, with a diverse cast of characters, each bringing their unique combat skills. From humans like Yunifi, an archer from the Bastorian resistance group, and Nigel, the leader of the Knights of the Sacred Heart, to bestral races such as Ramona, an owl mage and leader of the Frostblooms, Morard, a lion bestral, and Dinah, a lance-wielding warrior.

The game’s aesthetic echoes past Vanillaware releases like Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere but with a distinct evolution in the fantasy design aspects. Other notable characters include Sanatio, an angelic attendant and leader of the Heavenswing Knights, raising the possibility of a heavenly faction, and the enigmatic villain Elgor, marked by his menacing spiked shield.

The combat system in Unicorn Overlord consists of real-time battle stages, with units consisting of multiple characters. Players can manage their units strategically, ‘swapping’ them as needed when they are close to each other. Furthermore, units can execute large-scale strategies and effects on the battlefield such as summoning cyclones or raining arrows, reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors. A balance between rest and combat is essential, as units require rest to recover stamina after battles.


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