Mother 3 Debuts on Nintendo Switch Online for GBA in Japan



Nintendo has announced the release of Mother 3, via the Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Boy Advance game lineup, during the Japanese February 2024 Nintendo Direct. To commemorate the occasion, Nintendo published a one-minute trailer, beginning at the 23:15 mark of the video, showcasing the game, which is the third and most recent entry in the RPG series, alternatively known as Earthbound. Developed by HAL Laboratory in conjunction with Brownie Brown, Mother 3 was initially released in April 2006 in Japan for the Game Boy Advance. Despite the first two games in the series receiving Western adaptations, as of early 2024, Nintendo has not yet localized the third installment.

Although the focus of February 2024’s Nintendo Direct was ostensibly on third-party games, the company made sure to highlight the first-party title in the video release for the Japanese market. Following the Direct, a standalone trailer for the Nintendo Switch Online version of Mother 3 was also published. As it currently stands, the Game Boy Advance RPG Mother 3 is available exclusively in Japan on the Nintendo Switch Online platform. Details regarding any possible expansion to other regions remain unknown.


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