Creator of Mother urges fans to inquire about Mother 3 to Nintendo, rather than to him.



The much-acclaimed Mother RPG series, including titles such as Mother, EarthBound, and Mother 3, has a fervent audience that has long been awaiting the release of Mother 3 in the west since its 2006 release on the Game Boy Advance platform. Recently, news broke that Mother 3 will finally be available on Nintendo Switch Online, but, for now, only in Japan. In response to fans plea for a western release, the game’s creator, Shigesato Itoi, directed requests for localization to Nintendo via a tweet, leaving many to debate whether this suggests a possibility for an eventual global release or not.

Another intriguing development is the translation by Lone, a Twitter user, of a heartfelt letter by Itoi expressing his desire for a worldwide audience to play Mother 3. The release of the game on Nintendo Switch Online is not only significant for instant gaming gratification, but also for video game preservation. This said, the lack of any news regarding an English version is disappointing for many western fans.

In the absence of an official English edition, Mother 3 enthusiasts have resourcefully sought methods to play these well-acclaimed games in the west. Some might want to consider learning Japanese as a valuable skill to play the game. Meanwhile, Tiago Manuel, a freelancer writer well-known for his engaging stories about video game cults, is now sharing his insights with Destructoid.


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