Approximately 90 Employees to be Laid Off by Supermassive Games



The developer of The Dark Pictures Anthology and Little Nightmares III, Supermassive Games, is set to downsize its workforce by approximately 30%, which equates to around 90 staff members. This decision, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, comes in response to the “significant challenges” currently faced by the games industry. The company communicated the imminent job cuts to its employees via email.

In their official statement, Supermassive Games expressed regret over the decision but explained that it is a necessary move as part of a broader reorganization effort aimed at maintaining the sustainability of the company. The unspecified difficulties in the wider games industry left the company with no choice but to realign its current structure and adapt to the prevailing circumstances.

The studio reassured its remaining employees that it has not taken this decision lightly and that many attempts were made to prevent this outcome. They vowed to handle the process with utmost respect and compassion for all those significantly affected, aiming to minimize the negative impacts. Moving forward, Supermassive Games will focus on their core strengths and upcoming game titles to ensure the company’s continued success.


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