2024 Launch of Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket Announced



At the Pokemon Presents 2024 showcase, it was announced that a new mobile app, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, is underway and set to debut in 2024. The game, developed by The Pokemon Company International, DeNA, and Creatures Inc, features quick battles, card collecting, and trading. The gameplay also allows players to immerse themselves in the card art, enhancing their gaming experience.

The first gameplay trailer was presented during the showcase, showing real-time acquisition and examination of new cards. The game also facilitates matchups with other owners of the game quickly. The announcement of Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket follows the full digital adaptation of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, which completed its beta and fully launched in June 2023.

While Pokemon TCG Live is available on PCs and mobile devices, the new Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is expected to cater exclusively to mobile users. The latest physical expansion in the Pokemon TCG series, Paldean Fates, is currently available worldwide.


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