“Google Commemorates FFVII Rebirth with Cloud and Chocobos Images on Chocobo”



Google celebrated the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on February 29, 2024, by introducing an interactive feature for searchers. When users search for terms related to the game, such as “Final Fantasy,” “FFVII Rebirth,” or “Chocobo,” a yellow button featuring a Chocobo (a bird-like creature iconic to the game) appears on the screen. Upon pressing the button, an animation of the game’s main character, Cloud, and a group of Chocobos sprinting across the screen is triggered. Continued pressing reveals a few more stragglers, and a shareable link to the animated spectacle pops up on the screen.

A range of search terms can trigger this fun feature, including “FF7”, “FF7 Rebirth”, “FFVII Remake” and various combinations of “Final Fantasy VII”. However, entering character names like “Cloud Strife” or “Sephiroth” will not have the same effect. While this whimsical initiative has engaged fans around the world, it’s worth noting screenshots provided by Siliconera vividly demonstrate the interactive button and ensuing animation.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gained much traction among gaming fans, and this unique Google feature embellished the game’s popularity. Initially launched with an exclusivity arrangement on PS5, the game became widely available to all players after May 29, 2024.


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