Steps to Repair Willy’s Boat and Access Ginger Island in Stardew Valley



Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update introduced Ginger Island, a fully-featured area offering players plenty of engaging activities. Now, the 1.6 update has made it even more enticing. To access Ginger Island, players must complete the Community Center bundles or opt for the alternative JojaMart questline. Once this is accomplished, you will receive a letter from Willy, a character in the game, which may take up to two days to arrive, he’ll offer you the key to the backroom of his Fish Shop.

The game’s previous updates left a mysterious, purposeless, black door in Willy’s Fish Shop. This door, however, after the 1.5 update, grants you access to Ginger Island – but it isn’t so straightforward. An old boat requiring extensive repair is your only route to the island. Gathering the resources to fix it comprises the next stage of the journey.

To repair the boat, players require 5 Iridium Bars (to fix the boat’s anchor), 5 Battery Packs (essential for fixing the ticket machine), and 200 Hardwood (to ensure the boat doesn’t sink). Acquiring these resources particularly the Hardwood – can be challenging but rewarding. Growing Mahogany Trees on the farm or breaking regenerating stumps in the game’s Secret Woods area for Hardwood are among the possible methods.


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