The Persona 3 Aegis: The First Mission game for feature phone will be available on Switch and PC via Steam.



G-Mode intends to bring Persona 3 Aegis: The First Mission to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. This spin-off from Persona 3 focuses on Aegis and is set 10 years before the primary game’s story. Originally released in late 2007 as a java-based game in Japan, the launch date for these newly announced ports remains unknown. Moreover, the language settings indicate that the game will only be available in Japanese.

G-Mode made the announcement during a YouTube livestream, which includes gameplay footage. This isn’t the first time G-Mode has worked on a Persona game, having previously released a side story game based on the initial Persona game in late 2006. This was also brought to the to Nintendo Switch on September 14 and subsequently PC Steam release on September 29, 2023.

In terms of the new game’s content, Persona 3 Aegis: The First Mission will continue the series’ trademark “Persona” system. The setting is the Kirijo Ergonomics Institutes in Yakushima. The story unravels when an incident occurs during a training exercise for the Type 7 Aegis. The game will involve raising Aegis’ level, strengthening her equipment, and combating the shadows on the island.


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