Why Samus from Metroid Almost Joined Fortnite and the Reason She Didn’t



Samus Aran from the Metroid series came close to entering the world of Fortnite, but negotiations between Nintendo and Epic Games collapsed due to differences regarding her implementation. In an interview with Game File, former Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard shared that Nintendo was hesitant about featuring their characters on platforms other than their own. Furthermore, the groups failed to strike a consensus due to Fortnite’s attempt to maintain a consistent gaming experience across all devices, which Nintendo didn’t agree with.

Nintendo stands alone amongst console platform holders, as they’re the only one without a representative character in Fortnite. Contrarily, PlayStation has been able to include Kratos from God of War, and Xbox welcomed Master Chief from Halo, amongst others. It was uncovered during the legal brawl between Epic and Apple that Samus was being considered as a Fortnite character. However, this plan, heavily hinted in a 2021 Fortnite comic, never reached fruition.

Despite the hiccup with Nintendo, Fortnite continues to introduce a multitude of crossover collaborations. For example, a partnership with pop star Billie Eilish is set to debut on April 23.


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