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  • Bulletstorm E3 Walkthrough Trailer

    The guy playing the game is great. “Right, so you hit him in the family jewels, he’s in pain…” “…leash the guy, kick him in the ass, shoot the ass, and get the fire in the whole reward.” “Sir, you need to die. Thank you.” February 22, 2011 can’t come soon enough.

  • Shadow Complex Breaks Xbox Live Sales Records

    Shadow Complex is now officially the most downloaded single-player (I guess some multi-player games must have beat it) Xbox Live game, selling 200,000 since it was released on August 19th. Which is good, Shadow Complex was an amazing game so it’s good to see other people enjoyed it, too. “Congratulations to Chair Entertainment and Epic […]

  • Shadow Complex Review

    I’m a huge fan of Super Metroid, it was one of a handful of SNES games I had as a kid and easily in my top 10 video games of all time. I played it for countless hours and many times over, the exploration aspect was really fun, and finding all the little secrets, the […]

  • Gears of War 2 E3 Footage

    The best part of this video, to me, is the last couple of seconds. Horde mode – Five players online co-op versus wave after wave of Locust. I love playing online so much more versus NPC’s then just versus other humans. Unreal Tournament 2003 had “Invasion”, which is basically the same thing, everyone fought against […]