Atlus Reveals New and Reappearing Demons in SMT V: Vengeance



Atlus, in its upcoming SMT V: Vengeance game, will introduce five new demons, including four from previous titles and the second DLC demon Konohanasakuya, a Kunitsu race goddess from Shinto myth recognized by her cherry blossom symbol. The other four demons include a mischievous Gremlin from the Jaki race who loves causing machinery malfunctions, Kinmamon from the Enigma race who is a supreme deity in modern Ryukyu Shinto, Moh Shuvuu, a Raptor race demon known for seducing travelers and then deadly attacking them, and Saturnus, a Vile race fertility deity from Roman mythology associated with the modern concept of Christmas.

In addition to these new introductions, Atlus has also previously showcased new demons Nahobiho, inspired by the protagonist of SMT V, and Dagda, another new DLC demon in SMT V: Vengeance. The players can enjoy and interact with these supernatural entities while exploring a world that blends mythology with contemporary storylines.

Expected for release on various gaming platforms including the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam on June 14, 2024, SMT V: Vengeance is highly anticipated by the gaming community worldwide. Siliconera, the platform promoting the game, is supported by its audience through affiliate commission from purchases made through its site.


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