New Videos for SMT V: Vengeance Demon Introduce Characters Nyami Nyami, Cleopatra



Atlus announced new demons for the upcoming game, SMT V: Vengeance, including debutants Nyami Nyami, Anansi, and Onyankopon from African mythology, and the previously featured DLC demon Cleopatra. Nyami Nyami, a dragon race demon, is personified as the Zambezi River God of the Tonga and Lozi people in Southern Africa, with the body of a snake and a fish or dragon head. Another demon from the same race, Vritra, which emerged in the recent Soul Hackers 2, is a dragon or snake from Hindu mythology that reappears every year, even though defeated by Indra, the God of Thunder, causing eternal combat.

Among other returning characters is Cleopatra, a femme race DLC demon from the original SMT V, recognizable as the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh known for her exceptional beauty, expertise in musical arts, and eloquent conversation. Gogmagog, a giant from the Jirae race, makes a grand entrance as a fully 3D-modeled demon. Allegedly a resident of prehistoric Britain, Gogmagog has been described as a gigantic figure who defended the island from invaders until he met his defeat at the hands of Brutus of Troy.

The new SMT V: Vengeance will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam from June 14, 2024. It’s important to note that the original SMT V, which was exclusively for the Switch, will be delisted on the same day.


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