Early Access to Hades 2 Kicks Off on Steam and Epic Games Store



Supergiant Games has launched Hades 2 in early access for Windows PCs via both Steam and the Epic Games Store, with a price tag of $29.99. Despite being suitable to play on a Steam Deck, the game is still a work in progress with some non-final assets included in its current build. Regular patches will be issued, though its first major update will not be released until several months post initial launch. Users are encouraged to provide feedback through various platforms like Steam forums, the game’s official Discord and by directly sending session data back to the developer.

In other related news, the Hades 2 soundtrack, featuring 30 songs by Darren Korb, is also available for $9.99. Korb is known for composing music for the original Hades and other Supergiant Games’ titles like Transistor.

Hades 2 is expected to stay in early access at least until the end of 2024, with continuous enhancements being made as time goes on. The game is accessible via Steam and Epic Games Store and the audience’s support through these purchases help sustain Siliconera.


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