GameStop Stock Skyrockets Following the Comeback of Roaring Kitty



Keith Gill, known online as Roaring Kitty, has thrust himself back into the spotlight, stirring up the GameStop stock market once again. Following a meme posted to Twitter, where he insinuated a serious return to the game, there was a flurry of activity on the stock market. His cryptic post and follow-up “hype videos” from popular movies and TV shows led to a surge in GameStop’s share price, which rose by over 74%, settling around $50, up from its pre-announcement figure of $17.

This online activity halted the sale of GameStop stock several times, demonstrating Gill’s influence within the world of online trading. It’s worth noting that Gill is more than a stock influencer; he’s also the main character of a Hollywood movie, “Dumb Money”, based on the 2021 GameStop short squeeze.

However, Gill’s online antics and the resulting impact on stock have led to legal implications in the past, with trading platforms such as Robinhood facing lawsuits for putting a stop to GME purchases following a GameStop share surge. Such events even led to a congressional hearing, highlighting the consequences of this digital era phenomenon.


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