The Anniversary Edition of Braid is now available, rewinding back to nearly 15 years ago



The highly acclaimed time-bending puzzle game, Braid, has unveiled its Anniversary Edition on Steam. This version is a high-resolution remaster of the classic indie game with not only a sharper look but also 40 new levels and a deep dive into the development process through developer commentary. The new edition comprehensively enhances the original’s features with repainted artwork and a reimagined musical score, providing an improved experience for gamers.

Danish sound artists Hans Christian Kock and Martin Stig Andersen have reimagined the sound design and music score for this edition. Their unique take on the game’s audio heightens the gaming experience, especially given Andersen’s reputation for utilizing unusual recording methods. The added audio commentary, including insights from the game’s creator Jonathan Blow, makes this re-release attractive for gaming historians and enthusiasts who are keen on game preservation.

Steam is offering Braid Anniversary Edition at a generous discount for owners of the original game. Despite being a piece of platformer history, Braid remains one of the best platform games for PC due to its intriguing storyline, unique art style, and timeless gameplay mechanics.


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