“Doom: The Dark Ages Makes History at Xbox Showcase”



Doom: The Dark Ages, a medieval prequel to the iconic franchise, was officially unveiled at Xbox Games Showcase, with a release set for 2025. Developed by id Software and Bethesda Studios, this installment introduces unique weapons and mechanics while maintaining the traditional Doom gameplay, featuring an endless horde of foes to vanquish. This title, anticipated to be a 2025 hit, represents the first game from the franchise in four years following Doom Eternal that was launched in 2020.

Doom, launched in 1993 by id Software, stands as a pioneer in first-person shooter games and has since gained popularity prompting various adaptations including comic books, movies, and novels. Doom II: Hell on Earth was released the following year, however, fans had to wait until 2004 for Doom 3. The fourth installment, announced in 2008, underwent extensive development setbacks and was eventually released in 2016 as a franchise reboot. The game, simply titled Doom, garnered positive reviews for its gameplay and single-player campaign. Its sequel, Doom Eternal, further enhanced the franchise’s reputation when it debuted in 2020.

Doom: The Dark Ages, which will explore the myriad adventures in the history of the Doom series, is set to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC in 2025.


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