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  • Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

    Old news, Peter Molyneux has left Lionhead Studios to join a new start up 22 Cans. I think it’s a good thing, as a) I just never liked the Fable series and b) I feel like they just had to keep creating Fable sequels instead of doing new and interesting things, which is what Mr. […]

  • Microsoft Removes XBLA Size Cap

    Back in the old days, Microsoft capped the size of Xbox Live Arcade games at 50 MB. I’m not particularly sure why they choose that cap, but they did. Then Symphony of the Night broke the 50 MB limit, so they raised it to 150 MB. Then Portal: Still Alive broke that at 1 GB. […]

  • Microsoft Rumored To Buy EA

    Word on Wall Street is Microsoft is going to Buy EA. I don’t know why Wall Street would randomly make up a rumor like this…but it’s driven up the stock prices for both EA and Microsoft (EA is up 8.1 percent, Microsoft 1.1 percent). Even Reuters covered the issue. “There’s talk that Microsoft might be […]

  • Microsoft Confirms 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

    Infinity Ward announced at a press event that Microsoft will be releasing a new Xbox 360 model based on Modern Warfare 2. The new console will be black and branded with Modern Warfare 2 images, a 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers, and a copy of Modern Warfare 2. It’ll be $399 and available on November […]

  • Fable III Announced

    Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux announce Fable III this morning at Germany’s Gamescom. This time around, instead of being a hero, players will become the king (or queen) of Albion and rule over the land, choosing to be either a kindhearted ruler or ruthless tyrant. For the first half of the game, players will be working to […]

  • Microsoft’s Next Dashboard Update Coming August 11

    Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard will be released on August 11th and feature a number of improvements and new features, including: A new “Xbox Live Games On Demand” service, allowing users to download whole Xbox 360 games. The service will launch with 30 games, including Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Mass […]

  • More Halo Wars DLC Coming July 21st

    Halo Wars latest downloadable content, “Historic Battles”, will be available July 21 for 800 Microsoft points and offers 4 new multiplayer maps: • Barrens (1v1 Map): Difficult terrain channels units into killing zones. The side that controls the Forerunner artifacts will have the advantage.

  • Microsoft Closes Ensemble Studios

    Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will be closing down it’s eternal developer Ensemble Studios. Ensemble Studios is probably best known for their real time strategy Age of Empires games, as well as the upcoming Xbox 360 Halo Wars. Halo Wars is still scheduled for release, Ensemble will be shut down once the game comes […]

  • Halo Wars Gameplay Trailer

    I’m excited about Halo Wars, but I’m worried about the controls. Every single console RTS game I’ve played just hasn’t worked for me, it just seems like a mouse and keyboard are perfect for RTS while game controllers fail miserably. Hopefully Ensemble will get the controls just right because I really want this game to […]

  • Final Fantasy XIII Coming To Xbox 360

    Holy shit, this is great news. At the Microsoft E3 conference, it was officially announced by Square Enix president Yoichi Wada that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360, and should be released alongside the PS3 version. That’s totally awesome…but I guess it sucks for Sony that’s it’s no longer exclusive. Also, Star […]

  • Viva Pinata 2 Leaked

    It hasn’t been announced yet, but some screen shots have been leaked for Viva Pinata 2. Microsoft is expected to announce the game on Tuesday at the Spring Showcase. Viva Pinata was pretty awesome, can’t wait for the second one. Also, once of the shots seems to show two cursors on the screen, maybe there […]

  • Microsoft Responds to 16% Failure Rate

    This week SquareTrade, a warranty firm, released a report indicating that the Xbox 360 has a 16.4 percent failure rate. This number was based on a sample group of 1,000 warranties. Microsoft has responded to IGN about they report and says they are unfamiliar with this “SquareTrade” company and have not seen the report… “Microsoft […]