Founder of Raspberry Pi Set to Publish Two Books on Vintage Game Development



“Code the Classics,” an instructional guide released by Raspberry Pi Press, guides both aficionados and budding programmers in creating vintage games that echo classics from earlier decades. The first volume, releasing its second version on August 27, was originally published in 2019 and was highly praised at launch. Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton lent his expertise to the coding in these games. The second volume, entirely new and releasing come November 12, can be expected to contain similar favourably reviewed content. Both volumes are available for pre-order now on Amazon at $30 each.

First-time revision of the first volume includes explorations of ‘70s and ‘80s video games and the expectant opportunity to create your own games under the template of these defining games – all with the help of Python programming. It teaches coding of several games including Boing (modeled after Pong), Cavern (modeled after Bubble Bobble), Infinite Bunner (modeled after Frogger), Myriapod (modeled after Centipede), and Substitute Soccer (modeled after Sensible Soccer).

The pedigree continues in volume two with more game-creating tactics with the addition of brick-breaking and racing games, availing a lengthier list including Avenger, Beat Streets, Eggy, Leading Edge, and Kinetix. For those interested in the Raspberry Pi platform, starters’ sets offering all essentials to make your petite PC and vintage game console can be had.


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