Metropolis 1998 Could Be the Retro City-Builder That We’ve All Been Anticipating



Cities: Skylines 2 may be making improvements, but for some, it still doesn’t match up to expectations. This has led city-building enthusiasts to start seeking alternatives, such as the delightful, retro pixel game, Metropolis 1998. Despite sharing the same niche as Cities: Skylines 2, Metropolis 1998 deviates significantly, placing a profound emphasis on customization and personalization, offering a refreshing name in the pool of pending Steam Wishlist additions. The awaited release window remains unknown, but a new demo is on the horizon.

Metropolis 1998, under the careful development of Yesbox Studios, has been in active development and already had a playable demo released last year which gained substantial acclaim. While the demo has not been accessible for some time, according to Yesbox Studios’ recent updates, a new one is to be released in July 2024. This will provide players with a more detailed overview of the game and reaffirms the need for city-building gaming enthusiasts to pay attention to Metropolis 1998.

The game distinctly ties back to the classic SimCity era, charming players with impressive pixel-art, while still offering something more than just nostalgia-driven gameplay. The Blueprint system allows players to design their buildings, in addition to engaging with the comprehensive citizen-level simulation systems. These features could potentially position Metropolis 1998 as the most customizable city-building game till date. However, the upcoming demo will provide a clearer picture of what players can expect from the game.


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