Vay RPG from Sega CD Now Available on Steam and Mobile



SoGoMa Inc. has re-released the 16-bit RPG, Vay, initially developed by Hertz and available on platforms such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android via various stores, including Steam, and the Apple App Store, among others. The pricing ranges from $5.99 on mobile to $6.99 on Steam. The game was initially launched in 1993 in Japan for Sega CD and was then released in North America the following year by Working Designs. SoGoMa had previously re-released the game globally for iOS in 2008, allowing owners of this version to update to the new version at no cost.

The recent version of the game comes with several updates and features. It includes selectable difficulty options, speed up features, an auto-save component, updated music, Bluetooth controller support, and Steam achievements. This ensures improved game-playing experience for the users and a chance to make the most of the game’s features.

The protagonist in the game is the prince from a peaceful kingdom on the low-tech planet of Vay. The story starts with his wedding being attacked by robots who kidnap his soon-to-be wife. The game then revolves around the prince’s journey of rescuing his kidnapped beloved and stopping the machines of war.


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