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  • Gearbox acquires Risk Of Rain IP from Hopoo Games

    Gearbox acquires Risk Of Rain IP from Hopoo Games

    Gearbox Publishing has announced that they have acquired the Risk Of Rain intellectual property from original developers Hopoo Games. Gearbox says they are “eager to prove ourselves as worthy custodians” of the series and plan to continue to bring “world-class content” to fans of the franchise. Hopoo Games says they are excited for Gearbox to […]

  • Yeah, Simcity 5 is Real

    As the world predicted. Kind of excited about the idea of multiplayer, I could see that working pretty well. I don’t understand what tilt-shift means. I figured it out. I really like the idea of ruining some smug super genius city planners perfectly designed utopia filled with highly educated physicists just because he happens to […]

  • Going To Start Updating Again

    I’m going to try to start updating the site again, with a focus on: Reviews. Retro games. Rants about how retro games are better then the shit coming out now. Stuff like this I really like and I want to try to put up my own articles like that (not that I necessarily agree with […]

  • Microsoft Raises Price On Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions; My Xbox Breaks, Again

    In a move sure to piss off the entire Internet, Microsoft has decided to raise prices on their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions starting November 1. Yearly subscriptions have gone up $10, to $59.99. All the other subscriptions have been adjusted accordingly: – 1-Month Gold Subscription – $9.99 (was $7.99) – 3-Month Gold Subscription – $24.99 […]

  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Coming Soon?

    Announcing an announcement. It’s all true! We’re excited to say that we are making LittleBigPlanet 2 – Full mega details on Monday :) [ Media Molecule’s Twitter ]

  • COO Of Capcom Mark Beaumont Passes Away

    Capcom announced that its chief operating officer for North America and Europe, Mark Beaumont, died this morning. Our COO and dear friend, Mark Beaumont, passed away this morning. This sudden loss has left us with deep sadness. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones. We will remember him for his humor, passion […]

  • Borderlands Will Be Available On Steam, Have Additional Features

    It has been confirmed today that Borderlands will be released for download on Steam. Steve Gibson of Gearbox also noted some additional details about the PC version of the game. First, the PC graphics will be the best out of all versions of the game (provided your computer can handle turning the graphics all the […]