Going To Start Updating Again



I’m going to try to start updating the site again, with a focus on:

  • Reviews.
  • Retro games.
  • Rants about how retro games are better then the shit coming out now.

Stuff like this I really like and I want to try to put up my own articles like that (not that I necessarily agree with everything and the absolute conclusions he comes to, A Link to the Past is amazing and not the beginning of the end, but I do think Skyward Sword was a horrible game for so many reasons and I’m genuinely amazed it received such good reviews). I also like how he wrote a short story called “It’s a Secret to Everybody”. I’m not going to write short stories, though. I didn’t even read his story, I just like the name. I can’t wait for the sequel, “Let’s Play Money Making Game.”

I also enjoy articles like this, comparing Final Fantasy XII-2 to Star Wars episodes I through III.

So, I’m going to attempt to do more like that, more in-depth, not just regurgitated news items anyone could read anywhere.

Also, maybe some sort of logo or something, and styling updates. Trying to find a better font. Went with a default 13px “Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif. Also, I need to figure out the how to do curly apostrophes because I think that’s the right way to do it. That’s what typographyforlawyers.com says, which may seem a little overly specialized for a website, but I totally believe what they say. Also, do I italicize game titles, quote them, what? Do I put the punctuation inside the quotation marks or outside?

Also, probably going to remove all the online gambling ads. Full Tilt Poker’s domain seems to be seized by the FBI which makes me scared.

So, yeah, going to try to be better. Going to put the “awesome” in “awesome radical”.





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    These look great..going to make them this weekend. I did have a question – is the 2 days at room temperature because they become gooey? I cant imagine them going bad after two days sitting out. Just curious about that. Thanks again for sharing! Your site is a place like “home” for me! Love it!!

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    Interesting recipe. I have never seen Bourbon vanilla bean powder. Not even sure where to get it. Did you order yours online or is it available in grocerie stores/health food stores?

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    I second guess myself all the time. You always look perfect, so I don't know what you're worried about! You make me regret cutting off my own hair…

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