Sony Announces New Slim PS3 Coming This September

Today Sony announced that their rumored PlayStation 3 Slim will be in stores in early September. Kaz Hirai made the annoucment and noted that it will be have all the same features as the current PS3 and comes with a 120 GB drive. The big difference is it’ll be slimmer (obviously), 33% percent smaller and… Continue reading Sony Announces New Slim PS3 Coming This September

Microsoft’s Next Dashboard Update Coming August 11

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard will be released on August 11th and feature a number of improvements and new features, including: A new “Xbox Live Games On Demand” service, allowing users to download whole Xbox 360 games. The service will launch with 30 games, including Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Mass… Continue reading Microsoft’s Next Dashboard Update Coming August 11

Club Nintendo Rewards Available Now

Nintendo has announced their rewards for Club Nintendo gold and platinum members. Basically, certain Nintendo games and systems can be registered at the site, and you gain coins each time you register something. You can also gain additional coins by filling out surveys about those games/systems. Once you’ve amassed enough coins you gain gold or… Continue reading Club Nintendo Rewards Available Now

Weekly Releases – 02/16/09

It’s a pretty exciting week, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on Monday, Street Fighter IV and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned on Tuesday, and Noby Noby Boy onThursday. The full release list is below…

Tales of Vesperia Anime Announced

Apparently they’ve decided to make an anime movie out of the anime inspired Tales of Vesperia game. It’s being directed by Kanta Kamei and will feature the characters shouting spell/attack names over and over and over again. [ via Kotaku ]

EA at Comic Con

If you missed New York Comic Con, like I did, EA has a lot of nice info up at their website. They cover pretty much everything EA related from the show, there are a bunch of videos, interviews, and pictures (like spikey-head-I-have-no-idea-who-you-are guy, above). Games covered include Warhammer Age of Reckoning, Spore Galactic Adventures, Godfather… Continue reading EA at Comic Con

Starcraft 101

UC Berkeley’s StarCraft 101 class began last week, a class that teaches game theory using Starcraft as a model. What I wouldn’t give to have had a class where some guy read The Art of War to me with Starcraft playing in the background…Actually, I think the idea behind the class is a good one,… Continue reading Starcraft 101

Atlus Delays Some Games

I’m not sure why, but they are. Maybe it’s because they can, and they want every one to know they can. Tokyo Beat Down for Nintendo DS™, an old-school arcade beat ’em up that will literally pound the nostalgia into your face, is now scheduled for release on March 31st. Hammerin’ Hero for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)… Continue reading Atlus Delays Some Games