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  • Yeah, Simcity 5 is Real

    As the world predicted. Kind of excited about the idea of multiplayer, I could see that working pretty well. I don’t understand what tilt-shift means. I figured it out. I really like the idea of ruining some smug super genius city planners perfectly designed utopia filled with highly educated physicists just because he happens to…

  • Simcity’s Soundtracks Are Great

    The recently leaked Simcity 5 trailer (that’s been taken down, I just linked to it so you know that I know there was a video at one point) and stills (above, not taken down, yet) have pretty heavily hinted at a forthcoming (maybe GDC) announcement and a 2013 release date (good for me, plenty of…

  • Pilotwings Returns on the Nintendo 3DS

    Pilotwings makes it’s return after 14 years on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has you flying around Wii Sports Resort’s Wahu Island in planes, hang gliders and jet packs.