The 90’s Are the Best

1UP is doing a series about why the 90’s were amazing (and sometimes not) for video games. I fully support this. I had no idea 1998 was so amazing. Also, don’t miss the X-treme ads. Only the 90’s could give us an awesome game starring Aerosmith and another starring Michael Jackson.

Earthbound Bound For Virtual Console?

Well, it looks like it could be happening…I never thought it would (Nintendo of America refused to bring over any of the GBA Mother games so I figured it was the end of the series for me), but it looks like Nintendo might be bringing Earthbound stateside via the Virtual Console. The ESRB has recently… Continue reading Earthbound Bound For Virtual Console?

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Hits Thursday

That’s right, this Thursday the playable demo for Devil May Cry 4 will be downloadable through both the Playstation Store and Xbox Live. Awesome, I can’t wait to play the game. All the details are below: Warm those broadband connections. The Devil May Cry® 4 playable demo hits both the PLAYSTATION®Store and Xbox LIVE® Marketplace… Continue reading Devil May Cry 4 Demo Hits Thursday