Super Mario Bros.: Ground Theme



Stage 1_1 In Brawl

The Smash Bros. Dojo has two new recent posts up, one about a new stage for Brawl which is just a remake of World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros. It looks pretty cool, I’m suprised Nintendo hasn’t recreated the game before with updated graphics. They said the kingdom was been turned to ruins, I’m not really sure why. Sucks for all the stuff that used to live there.

The other post was a new awesome song, Super Mario Bros.: Ground Theme. The song is composed Koji Kondo, the same man who originally created the Super Mario Bros. music. It’s pretty radical how they got the same guy to make another version of the song. I always wonder how anyone who made video game music did it. The song just seems like it fits, now, after the fact, but originally I would have never been inspired to create that particular song based on level 1-1 in Super Mario. Like, the post says “The original overworld theme in Super Mario Bros. had a certain, almost Latin flavor to it”…I guess so, but I would have never “felt” Latin from playing that first level, it really doesn’t fit, but now it just seems like the music couldn’t be any other way.

I don’t think any of that made much sense really, I just thought the song was awesome.


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