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  • Opoona Preview

    I like how he has to keep up with a T.V. drama about a stray cat. I’m totally wanting this game. I also found it interesting that the Final Fantasy XII guy is doing the music for Opoona, too.

  • Opoona, a “Lifestyle Role-Playing Game”, Coming to North America

    When I saw this trailer for Opoona I thought there was no way in hell it would ever make it to North America. It just didn’t seem like something that would sell big in the U.S. and I assumed the developers would think the same and not bother to release it here. I was awesomely…

  • Opoona Gameplay Trailer

    I hadn’t ever heard of this game until I watched the trailer. Just based off the looks alone I wasn’t expecting it to be an RPG, I don’t know why. Seems pretty awesome, the gameplay description read “Explore the world and battle monsters all without using the Wii-mote!”. Without? I had to dig further…