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I hadn’t ever heard of this game until I watched the trailer. Just based off the looks alone I wasn’t expecting it to be an RPG, I don’t know why. Seems pretty awesome, the gameplay description read “Explore the world and battle monsters all without using the Wii-mote!”. Without? I had to dig further…

Wikipedia had this description:

Opoona ( (オプーナ, Opūna?) is an adventure game with Role-playing game elements developed by Artepiazza and published by Koei for the Wii. You play as the titular Opoona as he attempts to find out what happened to him and his family after an accident occurred during their travels. Former Dragon Quest art designer Shintaro Majima will be the lead artist with Sachiko Yukimura, who has also worked on Dragon Quest, is the “planning director”. Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer for Final Fantasy XII will be taking care of the soundtrack.

Some interesting names and the gameplay seemed unique, too. In Opoona the player uses the Nunchuk to fire projectiles at the enemy and depending on which way you “jerk” it you can change the trajectory. Also, while progressing through the game the player will acquire different licenses which open different job classes (rescuer, idol, detective) and the player is able to choose which they would like to use. I totally want to be an idol.

Famitsu’s reviewed Opoona, scoring a 31/40. They also said it had an “old school” difficulty, which I think is a good thing, I’d rather a game be difficult then easy.

North America’s release date is still TBA.





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