Vanquish E3 2010

Platinum Games’ (Bayonetta, Mad World) latest game, Vanquish, is a third-person shooter featuring a cover system similar to Gears of War and the ability to slow down time. Looks pretty interesting, I like the jet pack allowing the player to move quickly to get under cover. Also, an important warning. Elect a female president and… Continue reading Vanquish E3 2010

New Bayonetta Demo

After playing the demo…I want to get this game. The demo really sold it for me, the videos never really got me wanting the game, but the demo was fun. Anyway, the video shows off using enemy weapons, which is pretty cool.

Sega Teases New 2D Sonic

Sonic games used to be cool, but once Sonic went 3D things started to get weird. Like in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic turned into a Werehog at night (during the daytime the stages were apparently pretty good, more traditional side-scrolling game play). Well, it looks like Sega has decided to return Sonic to his roots with… Continue reading Sega Teases New 2D Sonic

Valkyrie of the Battlefield

The PS3 is getting all kinds of tactical RPG’s this year. Valkyrie of the Battlefield, developed by Sega, features a unique turn-based battle system called BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones). The game seems to feature a mix of term based play as well as real time action. You can control individual units movements and… Continue reading Valkyrie of the Battlefield

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

IGN has an interesting interview up with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’s producer, Mark Darrah and some new screenshots from the game. I’ve been interested in this Sonic RPG for awhile now, the idea of Bioware making a Sonic RPG on a handheld system just seemed like something completely different for the company. I expected… Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Is Dreamcast 2 in the Works? I Doubt It.

Kotaku has posted an article speculating that Sega may be working on the Dreamcast 2. Inconceivable! This would be a dream come true for the legions of Sega fans out there, but how valid are the speculations? The article sites information about a patent Sega filed in August 2007. The patent was filed to protect… Continue reading Is Dreamcast 2 in the Works? I Doubt It.

NiGHTS Incorporates Wii Weather Channel in Gameplay

Sega’s hotly anticipated NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams will be the first Wii game to utilize the Wii weather channel. In the “My Dream” area, a zone filled with creatures the player can interact with, the weather conditions of your city will be reflected in the gameplay. So if it’s raining outside, it’s raining in the… Continue reading NiGHTS Incorporates Wii Weather Channel in Gameplay