Sega Considers a Global Release for Persona 5 Mobile Spin-off, The Phantom X, Not Quite Finished Yet



Atlus, the acclaimed video game developer, may soon bid farewell to their successful franchise, Persona 5, following seven years of related spin-off game releases. However, fans are eagerly anticipating the global launch of another Persona 5 game, Persona 5: The Phantom X. Sega recently hinted at this possibility during their 2024 fiscal report, indicating the game multimedia giant is pondering an international release of the game, currently only accessible in China and Korea. Persona 5: The Phantom X, a mobile and PC-only game, developed by Chinese studio, Black Wings Game Studio, retains the original game’s core elements but features new characters and storyline. It lends a unique appeal by being free-to-play and adopting a gacha system for unlocking new characters.

Sega’s decision to expand globally might stem from the increasing Western popularity of the Persona series and its financial success thus far. Despite its potentially off-putting free-to-play aspect, fans may embrace the opportunity to engage with the new gacha roll system for securing exclusive characters. The Phantom X not only offers a novel gaming experience but also beautifully designed aesthetics and fluid character animations. Given the visually-appealing nature of the game, both fans and new users might find it an alluring experience.

Lastly, the pushing of Sega into the mobile gaming space last year with its acquisition of Angry Birds developer, Rovio, seems to tie in with the strategic expansion of The Phantom X. While there’s uncertainty around the game’s financial performance, the reported “expected” start may suggest sufficient sales to encourage a market extension. As fans eagerly wait for Sega’s final decision, they have other Atlus RPGs like Metaphor: ReFantazio and Persona 3 Reload to keep them preoccupied.


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