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  • Virtual Console Update – Star Tropics 2, Maboshi, Pool Revolution

    This week’s Wii-kly update brings two new WiiWare games and one virtual console game: Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics II, Cue Sports – Pool Revolution, and Maboshi’s Arcade. Cue Sports and Maboshi Arcade are both WiiWare games, and Zoda’s Revenge is a port for the virtual console originally on the NES.

  • Virtual Console Update – Mega Man 9, Vectorman, and Super Dodge Ball

    This weeks Virtual Console and WiiWare update is a good one, with three great games coming out. Vectorman, in particular, was one of my favorites on the Genesis. It’s also the main reason I don’t feel bad littering: In 2049, the human population of Earth embarks on a migratory voyage to try and colonize other […]

  • Virtual Console Update – Cho Aniki

    So, Cho Aniki. It’s basically a shooting game, but replace spaceships with half naked guys. I’ll just take Wikipedia’s description: For various reasons, the popularity of the Cho Aniki games has endured since the series’ debut. Depending on which specific title one looks at, highlights include in-game music, innovative control schemes or sheer kitsch value. […]

  • Virual Console Update – Super Mario RPG, Clu Clu Land

    Wow, this one came out of no where. This week’s Virtual Console update includes one of the most awesome, radical games in the universe, Super Mario RPG. Any one who doesn’t have this game should buy it immediately (or whenever they have some spare time). It is, in my opinion, the best Mario RPG game […]

  • Earthbound Bound For Virtual Console?

    Well, it looks like it could be happening…I never thought it would (Nintendo of America refused to bring over any of the GBA Mother games so I figured it was the end of the series for me), but it looks like Nintendo might be bringing Earthbound stateside via the Virtual Console. The ESRB has recently […]

  • Virual Console Update – Kirby 64 and Psychosis

    This weeks VC updates are, I assume, pretty radical. I assume so because I haven’t actually played either of the games, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Kirby 64 was one I always wanted to play but never got around to buying…I guess now is my chance. Psychosis…I’ve never heard of, but […]

  • Virtual Console Update – Harvest Moon (SNES)

    I totally missed this update…Harvest Moon games are pretty radical, and I always wanted to get the SNES version. Unfortunately, it was always impossible to find or over priced…but not anymore. The older Harvest Moon games were the best. The first one I got was for the N64, and I like that one way better […]

  • Wii Virtual Console Update 12/10

    Pokemon Snap, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, and BASEBALL STARS 2 head to the Virtual Console this week. I always liked Ghosts ‘n Goblins, but it was hard as hell. One time, Thrasher and I played Super Ghosts ‘n Goblins (I know, the update is for Ghosts ‘n Goblins on the NES, but this story must be […]

  • Virtual Console Monday: 11/26/07

    Double Dribble, Vegas Stakes, and Ecco Jr. I think I only played Ecco Jr. (I got scared playing it, fear of deep water), so I can’t say if the other two are awesome and/or radical. What I do remember is seeing Vegas Stakes in bargain bins everywhere…you couldn’t escape it. The image of that box […]

  • Virtual Console Update: Wrecking Crew, Sonic 3D Blast, and Super Air Zonk

    I always wanted to play the Zonk games, but I never had TurboGrafx16, nor did anyone I knew. Now I finally can…well, I mean, I could if I had a Wii.

  • Virtual Console Update: Volleyball, Axelay, and Blue’s Journey

    Super Mario Galaxy is out today, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing three new Virtual Console games. I would imagine today would be a bad day to release a VC game considering that, which is sad because Axelay was pretty awesome.

  • Weekly Virtual Console Update

    Well, apparently, the “GREATEST GAME EVER ANNOUNCED FOR WII SHOP CHANNEL” hit the VC today (atleast that’s what the press release said, anyway). Yes, Super Mario Bros. 3. I guess the other two (Alien Soldier and Power Golf) feel like crap right now. I mean…how do they compete with that, really? It’s always Super Mario […]