Weekly Virtual Console Update

Well, apparently, the “GREATEST GAME EVER ANNOUNCED FOR WII SHOP CHANNEL” hit the VC today (atleast that’s what the press release said, anyway). Yes, Super Mario Bros. 3. I guess the other two (Alien Soldier and Power Golf) feel like crap right now. I mean…how do they compete with that, really? It’s always Super Mario… Continue reading Weekly Virtual Console Update

VC New Releases (A Day Late)

Lunar Pool, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, and Golden Axe III. Radical. I guess in Ninja JaJaMaru-kun you run around as a ninja killing people and collecting their souls or something? Pretty awesome, I suppose. I’m 90% sure I wouldn’t buy any of these, actually. Maybe Golden Axe III…maybe… Here’s the full list, with more details…