Don’t Have A Starcraft II Beta Key? Pre-order At Gamestop And Get One

I guess I will be doing this since Awesome Radical Gaming, a massive powerhouse with it’s 10 (max) readers and completely random updates, isn’t good enough to get one through Blizzard.

You can reserve online and wait 24 hours for the code through email, or go into a store and get the code immediately. The important part is this:

Reserve StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and receive an invitation to the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta. Available online and in-store while supplies last. Once you receive your Beta Code your order cannot be canceled.

Command And Conquer 4 Cinematic Trailer

I’ve never really been a fan of the Command and Conquer series. Maybe it was the horribly cheesy cutscenes. Maybe it was lame units from previous entries in the series, such as the armored attack bear units, or the transforming mechas and ninjas. Something about the whole series just doesn’t sit well with me.

Preorder The Dawn Of War II Expansion, Get Saints Row 2

I can’t think of two more dissimilar games…if you pre-order The Dawn of War II expansion, Chaos Rising, you’ll get a copy of Saints Row 2 for free. I wonder who came up with that idea. Regardless, free is always good and apparently you can sell sex in Saints Row 2 for respect, which is interesting.

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Blizzard Official Begins Starcraft 2 Closed Beta

After what feels like years of waiting, Blizzard is starting the Starcraft 2 closed beta. I beta that I won’t be getting a key for because Bob at Blizzard’s PR department noticed I’ve only updated the site like 3 times since last year. He was harsh, harsh but fair. I’ve been slacking, but no more. I will prove to this Bob that I have what it takes.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet setup a account, you can visit here to sign up and, hopefully, get into the beta. Maybe.

Full press release, below…

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Starcraft 2 – Open Beta May Be Coming

Blizzard’s Korean community manager Kicho has hinted of a possible open beta, saying that the StarCraft II beta will be available for “all fans of the franchise”, not just press and VIPs.

We know that all of you are very curious about the development of the Beta with the release of many Starcraft 2 Beta Testing related news across various news portals…

I can definitely say that the Beta test will not just involve industry experts and other VIPs but rather will involve all fans of the franchise.

That’s great news, since I’m pretty sure I don’t count as a member of the press and I’m certainly not a VIP.

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Starcraft II Map Editor Can Do RPGs, FPSes

Starcraft’s map editor allowed users to create their own maps and just generally do a lot of cool things with the game (this mostly resulted in the creation of about a million different Starship Trooper maps). Well, Starcraft II’s editor is going to be even cooler. At BlizzCon’s StarCraft II gameplay panel, they showed off three different custom maps, each showing off different ways the editor can be used. The first shows how players can create new enemies, it featured a custom made “uberlisk.” The second is a third-person action game, basically the now cancelled Starcraft: Ghost. The third is a Galaga-like top-down shooter. Basically, users can do a lot more with the editor now, which should give a lot more variety to their inevitable Starship Trooper maps.

Starcraft II Delayed Until 2010

Starcraft II 2 Delayed Until 2010

Today Blizzard officially announced that Starcraft II will be delayed until sometime in 2010, citing the development of the newly improved as the major reason why we won’t be seeing the game in 2009. I think everyone kind of, sort of, knew that Starcraft II was going to be delayed, it’s Blizzard after all, famous for their “when it’s done” policy, polishing and refining all their games thoroughly before release.

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More Halo Wars DLC Coming July 21st

Halo Wars latest downloadable content, “Historic Battles”, will be available July 21 for 800 Microsoft points and offers 4 new multiplayer maps:

• Barrens (1v1 Map): Difficult terrain channels units into killing zones. The side that controls the Forerunner artifacts will have the advantage.


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