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NBA Jam E3 Trailer 0

NBA Jam E3 Trailer

One of the few sports games I ever played, and it was totally rad. Boom shakalaka.

Command And Conquer 4 Cinematic Trailer 0

Command And Conquer 4 Cinematic Trailer

I’ve never really been a fan of the Command and Conquer series. Maybe it was the horribly cheesy cutscenes. Maybe it was lame units from previous entries in the series, such as the armored...

Medal Of Honor VGA Trailer 0

Medal Of Honor VGA Trailer

A trailer for the revived Medal of Honor franchise premiered at the Video Game Awards tonight. The guys beard at the end is amazing.

Dead Space 2 Announced 0

Dead Space 2 Announced

Visceral Games and EA announced Dead Space 2, a sequel to a pretty awesome horror game, is in the works. It’s being developed for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. No release date is...

The Saboteur Goes Gold 2

The Saboteur Goes Gold

The good new is Pandemic Studio’s The Saboteur has gone gold. The bad news, EA closed Pandemic Studios this week. I am very proud to communicate today that The Saboteur has officially gone “GOLD”...