Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Review

I can’t remember if I finished the original incarnation of Dark Souls 2, and I’m not really sure why. I really (really really) loved Demon Souls. I thought the original Dark Souls was amazing and added so much to the Souls formula. For whatever reason, though, I never really got into Dark Souls 2. Turns out skipping that entry was fine because Scholar of the First Sin improves on many aspect of Dark Souls 2‘s gameplay, adds in all the previous DLC and makes it an overall amazing experience.

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Starcraft 2 – Open Beta May Be Coming

Blizzard’s Korean community manager Kicho has hinted of a possible open beta, saying that the StarCraft II beta will be available for “all fans of the franchise”, not just press and VIPs.

We know that all of you are very curious about the development of the Beta with the release of many Starcraft 2 Beta Testing related news across various news portals…

I can definitely say that the Beta test will not just involve industry experts and other VIPs but rather will involve all fans of the franchise.

That’s great news, since I’m pretty sure I don’t count as a member of the press and I’m certainly not a VIP.

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Bionic Commando Now Available For PC

The wait is over as old-school hero Nathan Spencer gets a 3D makeover with today’s release of Bionic Commando for Windows PCs.

Bionic Commando is rated by the ESRB as Mature and is available now on store shelves in North America for $39.99 for Windows PCs or through various online distribution platforms, including the Capcom e-Store and Steam.


* Use the bionic arm to swing between towering skyscrapers at breathtaking speed, hook onto distant objects, zip up on hanging girders and choose your own route through the game
* Gameplay that moves through horizontal and vertical environments – a 3D game that truly uses all three dimensions Full multiplayer mode with rich stat-tracking to check whether you’re a true commando or a lowly private
* Use the power of the bionic arm – and of next-gen physics – to realistically throw massive objects, pummel opponents, whip enemies into the air, or pull the landscape apart
* Arm yourself with a variety of weapons worthy of a Bionic Commando
* Starring Mike Patton, the former lead singer of Faith No More, as the voice of Nathan Spencer
* Developed by Swedish studio GRIN, developers of the highly acclaimed Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter series for PC

Meanwhile, Bionic Commando Rearmed became available today via Steam. Regularly $10, Bionic Commando Rearmed can be purchased in a bundle through Steam with Bionic Commando for $44.99.

Capcom Announces Ship Date for Resident Evil 5 PC‏

Resident Evil 5 will be out for PC on September 15th and will support stereoscopic 3D, which sounds pretty high tech. Full press release below. Capcom will also be showing the game at Comicon 2009.

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Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and Bionic Command Coming to PC


Yeah, they’re all coming to PC. AND you can play Resident Evil 5 with crazy Nvidia 3D glasses, to really get into it. Don’t switch the blade on the guy with shades, oh no.

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Left 4 Dead Demo Coming for PC and 360

Valve’s Gabe Newell has confirmed plans for a PC and Xbox 360 demo of their upcoming survival horror game, Left 4 Dead. The demo will contain both single player and online co-op modes. There’s no set release date for the demo yet. Left 4 Dead is scheduled for release at the end of November, and the article doesn’t make it clear if the demo will be released before or after it’s already out. As for what content will be in the demo, Newell said “I think it’s going to contain the first part of one of the campaigns. I think it’ll probably be Hospital but I’m not sure.” I hate zombies so much.

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Dead Space Release Date Pushed Forward?

It’s not often that a video game release date gets moved forward, I honestly can’t remember the last time a game has come out early. Well, until now that is. Dead Space will now officially be coming out on October 14th. And by October 14th I mean shipping on the 14th and you won’t be able to play it until the 15th but for some reason game stores advertise the 14th, which is not awesome but whatever.

They’ve also setup a pretty cool website at noknownsurvivors.com.

Dead Space Trailer

At first I was thinking Dead Space was just going to be a Doom knock-off. Now I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter, after watching the trailer I don’t think I care one way or another, it looks pretty awesome. Fun fact, apparently this trailer wasn’t approved by the ESRB (that’s why it shows the EU rating at the beginning).

Also, for some reason it sounds like Bjork singing to me. I don’t know how to do the two dots over the ‘o’. Björk. I just figured it out. Just kidding, I just copied that. I searched “Bjork” on Google and got “Björk”. It’s probably totally not her, because I’m wrong about music always. Always. Except this one time, Liz knows, ask her. She might not tell you, though, or mysteriously forget. It really did happen though, seriously.