PlayStation 3 Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo Available Today


The Lost Planet 2 co-op demo is now available through the PSN!

PlayStation 3 fans rejoice! The Lost Planet 2 co-op demo is officially available via the PlayStation Network beginning today, September 24 2009. Squads of four will make their way through three playable missions in the lush jungle of E.D.N III collecting precious thermal energy from the bodies of the Akrid which inhabit the planet. With a huge arsenal of weapons and utilizing robotic Vital Suits, players will encounter Akrid of all shapes and sizes leading up to the desperate battle against the enormous Category G Akrid which has made appearances at E3, Comic Con, and GamesCom.

The demo is a brief glimpse into the world and possibilities of Lost Planet 2, highlighting the range of weaponry available to players while showing off the high definition graphical capabilities of MT Framework 2.0, the latest version of Capcom’s proprietary 3D game engine. The first generation of MT Framework powered Capcom games like Dead Rising, the original Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4, while an updated 1.5 version made possible the award-winning visuals of Resident Evil 5.

Capcom’s Labor Day Weekend PSN Deals

Fans of Capcom’s digital collection will appreciate this first bit of news. As of yesterday, we’re making an offer you can’t refuse. We’ve gone through our library of digital games on the PSN and bundled them together into one perfect package for your gaming budget.

We’re not just talking about a couple of games here- this a veritable cornucopia of gaming. A true pu pu platter of entertainment. A buffet of goodness. A taste test of PSN downloadable delights. A Whitman’s Sampler of non-chocolate sweet treats. An Eastern Koisk of Capcom titles. Okay, I made that last one up.

Here are the details!

Super Pack, featuring eight of Capcom’s hottest PSN titles for $49.99. The Super Pack includes:
*Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
*Age of Booty
*Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando
*Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix
*Rocketmen: Axis of Evil with the It Came from Uranus pack included.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to PSN on August 13

Jill's Big Gun

Yep, it’s coming to the Playstation Network on August 13th for $15.

Attention Brawlers,

Get ready to dust off the Adamantium claws and dig through the sock drawer for Ryu’s headband. Today we’re announcing that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be available via PlayStation Network on Thursday, August 13 for $15.

Battlefield 1943 is Now Available

Battlefield 1943 Available Now

Battlefield 1943 is a totally radical online FPS set during WWII’s Pacific campaign. You basically fight in various large battles during the war. Players can choose to fight on foot or in a number of different vehicles (planes, tanks, ships, etc). I used to play a lot of 1942…a lot. I might have to get it, just to remember how awesome the game was. The arcade game well set you back 1200 Microsoft Points / $14.99 on the PS3. The full press release is below…

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Bonus Soundtrack

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Hip-Hop Soundtrack

If you never liked Marvel Vs. Capcom 2’s original jazz soundtrack, you’re in luck. Capcom will be releasing a “mixtape” of hip-hop songs inspired by the game this summer alongside the re-release of the game for the PSN and XBLA. Featured artists include:

– Raekwon
– Talib Kweli
– E40
– DJ Qbert
– Hieroglyphics
– The Grouch and Eligh of Living Legends
– Planet Asia
– MC Supernatural
– Havoc of Mobb Deep
– DJ Toure
– And more…

The soundtrack will be available through,, and

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Dead Space Demo Out Today

If you don’t own Dead Space, be sure to check out the demo that’s out today on both Xbox Live and the PSN (in Europe it’s out on the PSN the 27th). It gets the awesome radical seal of approval, if you’re a fan of survival horror games, or just radical games in general, you should definitely check it out.

The demo will be available at the PlayStation®Store in North America and Xbox LIVE® Marketplace worldwide*. In Europe, the demo will be available at the PlayStation Store on November 27th.

Winner of over 27 critic awards and currently nominated for Best Action Adventure Game on Spike TV’s upcoming 2008 Video Game Awards on December 14th, gamers can experience a taste of, as GamePro magazine says, “…one of the best survival horror experiences ever created.” Now, before experimenting on a turkey this Thanksgiving, you can tear the Necromorphs apart limb by limb with four different futuristic mining tools, and Isaac Clarke’s telekinesis and stasis abilities.

The Last Guy

The Last Guy

The Last Guy is a PSN game released yesterday in Japan, and soon to be released in the U.S. In the game you control The Last Guy and rescue citizens in a town overrun by giant insects and monsters. The cities are actually high-res satellite images from Google, which is kind of cool. As it turns out, The Last Guy isn’t the last guy, because he has to save all these other guys.

Anyway, all that doesn’t matter. What does matter is you can go here and play a flash version of the game for free. The cool part is, instead of a high-res Google map image, the game “map” can be any website you want to enter. It will blow your mind, because you’ll be playing the game on this post. It automatically generates walls based on the color differences on the page. It’s kind of hard to explain, just try it. The music is totally awesome, too. And The Last Guy appears to wear a red cape.

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Mega Man 9

Capcom’s decided to go back to the old NES style graphics in their latest Mega Man game. Honestly, I think it’s a good idea. I pretty much didn’t like or play any of the Mega Man games after the NES/SNES ones, the series just wasn’t doing it for me. This, however, I certainly will pick up. I mean, look at the bosses you’ll be facing:

Galaxy Man: level consists of portals that fling Mega Man all around the level, maintaining his momentum with each fling (a lot like Portal, actually), plus enemies that divide into multiple copies of themselves.

Plug Man: home to the required “disappearing block” puzzle

Jewel Man: there are swings here that you have to move with built-up momentum – we had to try it several times before we could make the jumps

Splash Woman: yes, a woman robot master. Level features a hovering bubble puzzle we saw in Mega Man 5. One of the masters designed by Inafune himself

Splash woman! I guess we have girl bosses now. What is the world coming to.

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