Wired Interviews Koji Igarashi


Wired has a really interesting interview of Koji “Iga” Igarashi up. Iga is the man behind the Castlevania series, and he’s always wearing a cowboy hat for some reason. I’m not saying it’s not awesome to wear a cowboy hat, it is, but why Iga. Why? Anyway, the interviewer poses some interesting questions, like “Why does Dracula keep putting meat inside the walls of his castle?”

The best part? They’re making another Castlevania DS game. Radical. The story lines keep getting more insane, though. Like, I know it’s kind of stupid already. Zombies, Dracula, mummies, witches, lizardmen, whatever. Every game, though, Dracula somehow comes back. I would just give up and stop even trying, it’s just too much work. You can’t win at this point, Dracula is just too good.

Finally…this is my favorite Castlevania song, ever. If you guess the name of the song…you win the prize.


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