Wii Animal Crossing an MMO?

Wired has an article up stating that a UK magazine has confirmed Animal Crossing for the Wii will be an MMO.

I don’t know how I feel about it. If there isn’t someway to stop people from chopping down trees, planting pitfalls everywhere, or just generally destroying my town it will suck. Honestly, I don’t trust Robert, and neither should anyone else. Who knows what he would do to my precious town. Probably convince people to move to his town. If that happened I would seriously beat him to death with a golden shovel.

Otherwise, it would be cool to have your friends come to town I guess. What would you do, though? I just fished in Animal Crossing. We could fish together, that seems mildly awesome, at the most. Maybe we could plant trees and flowers together. Or…I don’t know. Honestly, this idea is pretty stupid.


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