Wii Shortages Are Not Cool Says Reggie



Poor Nintendo…selling out of Wii’s has been causing huge problems for them. Constant shortages of Nintendo’s Wii console and a huge demand for its DS Lite are causing all sorts of planning issues for the company, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said recently in an interview.

The level of demand we are facing complicates all of our future business planning,” Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, told Reuters in an interview. “All of that becomes a much tougher exercise until we have supply and demand curves that intersect.”

Unable to accurately forecast how many Wiis will be sold in the coming months, Nintendo is finding it difficult to plan for new games, such as “Wii Fit,” an upcoming physical exercise game that uses a pressure-sensitive board.

I don’t really understand why that would be a problem…if you ship x number of units, you will sell that many units…use that to calculate how many Wii’s will be sold. Once you stop selling out of them start using those numbers.

He also had this to say about retailers bundling Wii’s:

“Retailers have already been given feedback that we are not big fans of that. We think it masks some of the price advantage we have versus our competition and, frankly, the consumer should decide what they want,” Fils-Aime said. He added, “We don’t have to remind retailers of the strength we have right now. We are simply making an observation and that reinforces our point quite nicely with retailers.”

Take that, retailers.

I have a hard time caring, really. I understand you can’t instantly snap your fingers and produce more Wii’s but it’s been over a year, cry me a river.




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    “…go on and just…cry me a riverrrrrrrrrrr”

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