Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood



IGN has an interesting interview up with Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’s producer, Mark Darrah and some new screenshots from the game. I’ve been interested in this Sonic RPG for awhile now, the idea of Bioware making a Sonic RPG on a handheld system just seemed like something completely different for the company. I expected awesome and radical things, basically.

The interview talks about some details about the game, but a great deal isn’t revealed. The plot is summed up as:

Eggman was defeated some time ago and Sonic has gone out to explore the rest of his world. He has been gone for a while and then gets a call from Tails – Knuckles has been kidnapped! Not only that, the chaos emeralds are disappearing!

The games battles are described as turn-based with real-time elements. Also, the game is divided into two acts. The first act takes place in Sonic’s world, with areas like the Green Hill Zone and Mystic Ruins. The second act, however, takes place in another dimension new galaxy intergalactic planetary. Nothing was revealed about this other dimension, but it sounds scary.






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